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About Chatrandom

Chatrandom, a free online chatting service where you can meet and chat with random strangers all over the world. vChatter is a video Cam Chat focuses on local adults for flings and dating. Chatrandom is video chat, you can meet random strangers from all over the world.

Chatrandom General Info & Overview

Chatrandom is a free chatting website where you can instantly connect and chat with strangers almost around the world. It was launched in 2011. Since its launch, Chatrandom described itself as one of the most popular online webcam-chat sites today.  Basically, the site offers a free online roulette-type chat experience to its users around the world. This chat portal has over 35,000 daily online users from different chat rooms.

You can enter and join its different categorized chat rooms and start chatting with a stranger cam-to-cam even without an account. In other words, you can chat with others instantaneously.

It also comes with a mobile application version that is free to download for Android users. Chatrandom’s services make you go back to using and enjoying a webcam-chat kind of website.


Chatrandom Prices, Membership Plans:

Free Services

Fee based Services

Chatrandom offers a cam-to-cam online chatting and a chat only service to its high volume users. These features are categorized into four different chat experiences. 

Random Chat

Chat with total strangers from any part of the world. Get to see each other while chatting through a webcam. However, you can still filter their gender or where your chatmates would be coming from, especially when you have an upgraded account. In addition to that, Random Chat has the most number of users among all the four categories.


Here, you can choose who and how you want to chat with others. You can select what chat room you want to join based on your interest. There are specific chat rooms for a random video chat, for singles, college students, gays, for friendly chats, and a chat room where you can chat only with girls. You can also choose the text-only chat room if you are not into webcam chatting. 

Gay Chat

Catered for gays or bisexuals all over the world and for those who are like-minded. Enjoy both chatting and watching both parties through a webcam video streaming. 

Cam4 Video Chat

Chat with 4 random strangers all at the same time by using this free video chat feature. Each party has their own chatbox so you can still chat with each one of them separately. Click the arrow-like button to jump to the next random stranger. 

Using Of Chatrandom

Member Structure

Signing Up

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Chatrandom was built and designed as a user-friendly website. It has easy to navigate pages with simple button icons and word fonts. You can select from more than 20 languages. It has a quick search-connect to other users worldwide and a fast-enabling webcam function. As you click the start button, it will instantly search for an online user for you to chat with, and it will also automatically enable your computer’s webcam. There will be a pop-up box asking permission to access your webcam. However, you can turn your live video streaming off if you want to. All of the site’s features work in seconds.

FAQ (  frequently asked questions)


What is Chatrandom?

Chatrandom is on online video chat service designed for people to meet other random people from all over the world.

Does Chatrandom have a mobile app version?

Yes, Chatrandom mobile application is available for Android users and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

Is it available in countries in the Asia Pacific region?

Yes, the site is available in over 180 countries from every part of the world. 

Is the registration free?

You can chat and join chat rooms even without a registration. Signing up is optional, and joining is absolutely free.

Who are the users of Chatrandom?

Chatrandom has a very diverse audience. People are from almost every part of the world. The sole way to know their personal information is by asking them. Only their gender and the country which they are from are the only details you can see during your chat session. 


Is it possible to report a certain user or report misconducts done by others?

You can just report a user that you are currently chatting with. Reporting a user without any reason may have you terminated from using the site. For more complaints, suggestions, and reports, message their customer service by going to their Contact Us page.

What is the required age to use the site’s services?

According to the site’s policy, Chatrandom’s offerings are not intended for users ages 13 below. 


Can all the features in the desktop version also be found in their mobile application?

Yes, all video chat features of Chatrandom are both present in its desktop and mobile version.

What is Cam4 Chat?

It is a multi-chat service where you can video chat with four users simultaneously. Each user has its own chatbox so you can make conversations with them separately. 

I want to register, what do I need?

If you wish to create an account in Chatrandom, you only need a valid email address or you can log in via Facebook or Google+.

Does it really require its users to have a webcam?

The site’s goal is to give its users a full video chat experience. However, you can still use and join chatrooms like the text-only chat.  

Is it possible to remove my account?

To delete your account, just click the My Account tab and hit Delete My Account. The site will send the link to your email confirming your account’s deletion. 

How to change my password?

Simply go to your account page, click Change My Password, enter your current and your new desired password, confirm it, then hit Change My Password to update.


How much is the cost of upgrading my account?

$17.99  monthly
$4.99  weekly

What are the advantages of upgrading an account?

-Remove All Ads
-Gender and Location Filters
-Back Button
-VIP Chat Badge
-Join Chat with Girls Chat Room

Chatrandom is a very convenient way to chat and meet new people. There's a higher risk, however, since it is not strict with the registration process. Nevertheless, some people prefer spontaneity as this gives them more satisfaction. If you are one of these people, sign up now and try the fast-paced world of Chatrandom.

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